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Prophet Gozho speaks out

By Adoration Bizure / Published on Friday, 04 Aug 2017 15:22 PM / No Comments / 4341 views

4 August 2017


…enemies are after me

Madzibaba Gozho


GWERU-BASED prophet, Madzibaba David Gozho, believes he is under attack from other men of God, who are jealous of the growth of his church.

This follows a video circulating on social media where the man of cloth was said to be partying with prostitutes and drunkards at his shrine.

He revealed the people, who feature in the video and pictures, are relatives.

Madzibaba Gozho confirmed that he is the one on the video, he however denied that the party was being held at a shrine and also pointed out that the people whom he was with were his relatives.

“I am a prophet at Johanne Masowe YeChishanu and my shrine is one of the fastest growing ones compared to other shrines in Gweru.

“The challenge I am now facing is that other men of God from Johanne Masowe are now jealous of my progress.

“As you know anebhora ndiye anomakwa; my enemies are after me hoping that they will destroy my church but that will never happen.

“I am the one on the video but the truth is I was not at the shrine, the video was shot at my in-laws’ farm where we were having a party.

“The people whom I was dancing with are not prostitutes but they were my wife’s aunties -Musa and Queen Matizanadzo- who are based in South Africa.

“The only thing that bothers me is that my family is now living in fear because of what happened,” he said.

Madzibaba Gozho also dismissed claims that he rose to fame by duping Gweru residents by carrying a live snake claiming that he would have cleansed it from people’s houses.

“I have never delivered any household from a snake, and I have never been to Zambia where they claim I got the snake from,” she said.

One of the women on the video, Mussa Matizanadzo who is a sister in-law to Madzibaba Gozho said:

“I stay in South Africa and we were just having fun as a family and I never thought we were going to end up on the spotlight because of it.

“I had come from South Africa for a funeral late last year and I remained in the country because we had planned of having the party for the New Year.

“On January 1 that was when we then had the party and I had actually forgotten about the party until I found out that a clip which we had recorded was circulating on social media,” she said.

Another woman based in South Africa featuring on the video said she was puzzled to learn of the circulating video with sinister motive saying she has a life more than the ‘hogwash’ being circulated.

“We were gathered as relatives and partying. I was puzzled when I first got the video that we were at a shrine.

“This is nonsense bent on tarnishing our images,” she said.

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