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Prophet in heat wave miracle

By Nyasha Kada / Published on Monday, 06 Jun 2016 17:30 PM / No Comments / 2503 views

6 June 2016

Prophet Ephias Chengeta and wife
Prophet Ephias Chengeta and wife

Family Worship Tabernacle International church leader, Prophet Ephias Chengeta, says God instructed him to unleash a ‘heat wave’ during his Friday night crusade to save people that attended the event from the cold weather.

The Highfield based prophet opened up on the side-lines of his three-day conference dubbed the Holy Ghost Explosions and Miracle Gala held at Lusaka shops last weekend.

“I asked God to do something about the cold weather because I was not sure whether the people were going to pay attention to the word since it was very cold.

“After God spoke to me, I then stood up and told the people that they were going to experience a heat wave.

“I then told the people to raise their hands in the air and started praying for the miracle to happen.

“People began to experience the miracle and some say they felt they were being poured hot water whilst others felt like they were basking before a fire.


“To some it was a heat that they even ran around and removed the jackets that they were wearing,” he said.

The scenes of people running around and removing jackets where captured on video.

In the video, Chengeta is heard addressing the hundreds that attended the crusade.

“Winter is a season but we can create summer, I have the anointing to change things,” he says.

Also on the night, Chengeta said that people that had insomnia were healed.

“We even had people with a problem of sleeping at their homes but on the night they slept for hours on the ground despite the cold weather.”

Chengeta added that God had told him that it was now his time and it is now time the world know that Highfield has a true man of God.

“I have been doing this for a long time, I have been there since 1994 but this time God has told me that it is now my time.”

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