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By Blessing Masakadza / Published on Friday, 23 Dec 2016 13:38 PM / No Comments / 2751 views

23 December 2016

Prophet Jengeta
Prophet Jengeta

CONGREGANTS reportedly scrambled to buy nails which reportedly had healing power from their leader, Prophet Ephias Jengeta resulting in the highest bidder getting them for US$100 each.

A source said the nails initially sold for US$3 before the price shot to US$100.

“The nails started selling at US$3 but the demand saw the prices getting to US$50 and up to US$100 with people scrambling to have one. The nails were said to have healing powers and each time the nail was hit against something, its owner would manifest. Zvipikiri zvairoverwa pamadziro vanhu vachibuda madhimoni,” said the source.


Speaking to H-Metro, Prophet Jengeta who leads Family Worship Terbanacle Ministries International Church which is based in Highfield said it should not be confused as a money making gimmick but as a healing and deliverance session.

“The idea is not about the nails being sold but what the nails possessed. We are not in a business and we do not survive on that. People should understand that the power of the Lord is free but what carries the power to the people is not for free. We were praying for the nail but the number was less than the number of congregants and they themselves started bidding,” he said.

Prophet Jengeta
Prophet Jengeta

“The service was dubbed Marine Spirit Vomit My Money, and we are happy with the testimonies we are getting. People were delivered from different ailments and up to now we are getting messages from people demanding the nails.

“Kurovera chipikiri, hoko ya Jesus, kuti pasvika simba rake hapana futi chinozokanganisa. Mweya yetsvina inotama, zvinhu muupenyu zvinosunungurwa. We are getting testimonies from people in business, some getting jobs and we are happy that the power of God is at play,” he said.

Prophet Jengeta once grabbed headlines for a ‘heatwave’ miracle for warmth after his congregants complained of cold weather at a church service.

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