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Prophet to be deported

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Monday, 24 Oct 2016 15:42 PM / No Comments / 1172 views

24 October 2016


A UGANDAN national, who was illegally running church business as a prophet at Holy Fire Ministries and a Congolese national, were last Friday punished by the court.
Shafik Sekandi, who was known as Prophet Joseph was slapped with a US$200 fine for overstaying in the country without a permit and illegally running a church.

The court also ordered for the immediate deportation of Prophet Joseph.

John Selenge, who was the usher at Holy Fire Ministries, was also slapped with a US$100 fine for overstaying in the country.

He also risks being jailed for 10 days if he fails to pay the fine.

Magistrate Tendai Mahwe also ordered the deportation of the Congolese national.

The State led by Francisca Mukumbiri had it that on August 30 this year, Sekandi entered into the country and was awarded a visitors’ permit.

The visitors’ permit was valid for 30 days.

Prosecutor Mukumbiri had it that Sekandi failed to apply for the extension of his visiting period with the Immigration Department when the 30 days lapsed on September 30 2016.

He then continued to stay until October 19 when official from the Immigration Department visited him at No.744 Forbes Road in Waterfalls.

Upon being interviewed Sekandi then produced a Ugandan passport, which showed that he had overstayed in the country by 19 days.

It was also noted that he was conducting church business with Holy Fire Ministries without a permit.

A portrait inscribed Pastor Joseph was found on the wall in the church.

Sekandi was then arrested and taken to court where he was charged with ‘enter, be or remain in Zimbabwe without a permit’ and fails to comply with the conditions under which any exemption, permit, certificate or other document has been granted or issued to him under the Immigration Act’.

On the other hand, John Selenge entered into the country on November 6 2012 as an asylum seeker.

He was granted a temporary permit on March 13 2013 allowing him to regularize his stay whilst waiting for the refugee determination process.

His refugee status was rejected by the Zimbabwe Refugees Commission due to inconsistencies in his application.

Selenge made an appeal but it was again rejected on November 11 2013.

The 35-year-old was found by Immigration officials at Holy Fire Ministries on October 9 this year after he had overstayed in the country for two years 11 days.

He was arrested and taken to court where he was slapped with US$100 and was ordered to be deported.

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