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PSL’s hottest property

By Snodia Mikiri / Published on Monday, 02 Jul 2018 18:10 PM / No Comments / 948 views

‘. . . I’m living my dream’

Unlike other players who venture into football as a backup plan David Temwanjira always dreamt of living life off the sport.

Growing up in a family of 11 – most of them sportsters – motivated the PSL midseason top goal scorer to be passionate about football from a very tender age.

“Being a footballer was always my dream I don’t have anything else I wanted to be. Football is something I started from a very tender age.

“I always tell myself that if I was not a soccer player I would be a soccer player.

“This is a dream come true and I am grateful that I am now living my dream, it’s all I ever wanted,” Temwanjira said.

“I am the last born in a family of 11 and I am also the last man in a team of 11, it all makes sense it was meant to be that way.

“I am now living my dream and only a few live the type of life that I am living,” he added.

While many parents discourage their children from playing soccer it was a different story for David Temwanjira who come from a sport-loving family.

The Temwanjira duo of Mike and Tafira once featured in the national team during their days but all eyes are now on David to take the name forward.

“My mother was a netball player while my father is a huge soccer fan.

“My dad encouraged me to be a footballer, my mother kept me motivated all the times and then my brother Mike stood as my role model,” he said.

“I had everything I needed to be great, I am the luckiest guy in the world; my family gave me all the support I wanted.

“I had a perfect example in front of me to copy from and then I have the strongest pillars of strength – my parents,” added the 25 years old striker.

Temwanjira says Clemence Matawu is his favorite player in the local league.

“Among the local players who are playing in the domestic league currently my favorite player is Clemence Matawu.

“He is a good person who will always keep you motivated even during your worst performance.

“I had a healthy working relationship with him during my Chicken Inn days.
Temwanjira argues that he has never reached a point where he was stranded looking for a team.

“My career has been great. I would like to thank God for that.

“I don’t remember a time that I was stressed looking for a team. I was signing contracts after contracts.

“I never went for trails, people just see me and then the next thing they want my signature,” said Temwanjira in an interview with H-Metro yesterday.

“It was Coach Takesure Chiragwi who noticed me while I was playing at Glen Norah High 2.

“From then my first team was Blue Rangers in Division one and I only lasted there for six months.

“I was in the Top Flight League the second half of the season.

“From there up to now I have been switching teams in the PSL,” added the former Gunners player.

“In 2012 during the end of the season I remember that I want went for trails in S.A and then I succumbed to an ankle injury.

“That injury messed everything up. I got back home and waited for my injury to heal and it did sooner than I expected.

“The ankle healed miraculously,” he added.

David, whose key influence was his brother, said he also enjoys playing as a striker since he wanted to imitate his brother’s footsteps.

“Since I want to imitate my brothers I also enjoy playing in the last third as a striker.

“At Ruvheneko Primary I used to play as a centre back and then I later switched to be a striker which proved a good move up to this stage.

“I love scoring and I am going to keep banging as many goals as possible,” said Temwanjira.

Temwanjira said he was hurt with the departure of Shabanie Mine coach Takesure Chiragwi saying they have a strong bond.

“I was hurt because he is someone that I have been working with for a very long time and we have a good relationship.

“After all its football you have to move on and do what is best for your career. I wish him well.

“He has been very good to me, but I was not going to be with him forever since I will not be at Shabanie Mine forever.

“He (Chiragwi) and Patson Ndabambi are my two favorite coaches.

“He taught me a lot,” said the most wanted player this window period.

Out of the Nine goals he has scored from the 17 games, Temwanjira describes his equalizer against Black Rhinos in week 16 as his favorite goal.

“My favorite goal is the one I scored in our match against Black Rhinos when we were falling 2-3.

“That equalizer was my favorite goal. Everything about it was fascinating for me.

“From the movement, how I broke off defenders and how I hit it also,” said Temwanjira.

Even though he is the current PSL top goal scorer Temwanjira said that he is not in competition with anyone.

“I am not competing with anyone. I just want to do what my coaches are instructing me and making sure that I get the job done.

“I am doing what is best for my career and I also want to make sure that I score each and every game that I play.

“Banging as many goals as possible is my target and I am not in competition with anyone I am my own competition,” he said.

“Come the second half of the season, wherever I will be at I still want to keep on scoring more goals.

“I am married to Diana Ngoshi and we have an 11-month-old daughter we named Daviana.”

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