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Retailers assure consumers

By Latwell Nyangu / Published on Thursday, 28 Sep 2017 16:00 PM / No Comments / 1250 views

28 September 2017


RETAILERS and consumers have been urged not to panic after a wave of recent price hikes countrywide, which triggered hoarding at the weekend.

In an interview, president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers, Denford Mutashu assured members of the public that the economy was stable as compared to 2008.

“We want to assure the public that there are sufficient stocks of basic commodities in the country and they should not panic, not hoard or use some savings to buy goods and commodities they are not going to use.

“In this case, the manufacturing industries’ capacity has actually increased and we have also seen the doubling of support coming from RBZ, for example the oil industry has received more than US$2, 5 million in support to secure crude from outside,” he said.

Mutashu added:

“We have many companies that are operating at full throttle and yes we understand there are few challenges here and there but we are on top of the situation, there is no need for people to panic and worry.

“The country in terms of supply is perfect, there are no challenges that might lead back to the 2008 era because right now we have so many manufacturers as compared to 2008.

“Then, we were not producing anything, companies, manufacturers had shut down and they had actually dismissed a lot of employees.

“We have a strong industry which is ready and which we also commended the Government because they took a decision to import substitutes.”

Mutashu said they had convened several meetings with CZI through their president Sifelani Jabangwe and various meetings with RBZ.

Meanwhile, Government has actually made a commitment to deal with such situations and provide alternative space for traders.

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