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Robert Mugabe way chaotic

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 20:48 PM / No Comments / 2073 views

11 October 2016


Robert Mugabe Way in Harare should be spruced up so that it shows the order and high integrity associated with President Mugabe.

Minister Eng Mzembi
Minister Dr Mzembi

Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Dr Walter Mzembi said this during a presentation to the National Defence College officers on Monday.

He said the current state of the road where there is disorderly vending and other chaotic scenes will hamper the success of the country’s tourism sector.

“This morning before I came here; two stories on Zimbabwe by BBC and CNN on the economy, so what do they have; an image of that street there.

“Tourism and Local Government must work together to make sure that brand image of Robert Mugabe Street reflects the pride with which we uphold the President.

“We cannot continue to have Robert Mugabe (road) full of tomatoes and vendors and lots of illicit trade along that high way. It must reflect order, the order that we see in the President.

“So they (BBC and CNN) are showing this Robert Mugabe Road and virtually selling that as the new economy of Zimbabwe, people selling tomatoes, airtime and everything.

“And they have been running it and sustained it for the last week, okay, so that is the image that is planted in the international mindset, that things have fallen apart in Zimbabwe,” said Minister Mzembi.


He added that the negative images of Robert Mugabe Road are what are on the minds of the international community hence more has to be done to improve the perception and it should start with the sprucing up of the road.


“That’s what is currently in the international mindset as we sit here, that is what is being fed, a comatose economy, a vending economy and police clobbering the same people (vendors).

“Then what would it take us to fight those images, it takes money, it takes a budget to plant the real Zimbabwe as it is now, because there are no protests on the streets, there is normalcy, there is trade, including those vendors and we can still organise them and present them ourselves in a way that reflects the Zimbabwe that we want to see.

“Because there is no country that can claim that it doesn’t have vending, it’s all over the world, if you go to Barcelona for example, you will see vending, but organised vending, organised,” added Minister Mzembi.

He also believes Brand Zimbabwe can be effectively marketed if everyone in the tourism sector plays a part in painting a positive picture to the world.

“Let’s fight images with images, let’s show the good about our nation.”

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