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Run to the church: Prophet Sham

By Rest Mutore / Published on Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016 18:43 PM / No Comments / 2612 views

14 June 2016

Prophet Sham Hungwe

A LOCAL prophet on Sunday delivered a message of hope to Zimbabweans saying people should rely on God in these times of economic hardships.

Prophet Sham Hungwe of House of Grace International Ministries said people should not panic despite the cash crisis in the country and challenged them to run to the church for sanctuary.

“There is this issue of economic crisis, this issue of people panicking with reports of bond notes coming.

People are saying we don’t need bond notes, we don’t have money but you are failing to know that God is the provider of everything.

“God said you need no to worry. You are not of this land and you should not be worried about all that. I hear people blaming leaders or politicians for that, no it’s wrong. As Christians, we seek refuge in the house of Lord.

“You have to rely on God and not people of this land,” said Prophet Sham.

The man of God who claimed to be the biblical ‘Joseph’ of Zimbabwe said, “I don’t understand it when some men of God blast the leaders for a situation in a country.

“The leaders are chosen by God and I am telling you this afternoon (Sunday) that House of Grace tizirai kukereke. You are not of this world and you are remembered today because God instructed me to tell you this message.

“God has a reason for everything, remember that time when Joseph’s family turned to him during that famous famine. I am saying what God told me, I might be actually the Joseph of Zimbabwe.

“Everyone in the world turned to Egypt (then) because that was God’s plan. This afternoon (Sunday) my God told me to deliver this message to you that come to the church. Don’t rely on men but God.”

The man of God, who grabbed headlines with a number of miracles at his church, recalls the 2008 era which led to the introduction of multi-currency.

“Remember 2008, we encountered a similar situation but because people turned to God and ran to the church, we were saved.

“This is what I am simply saying to you, don’t panic, there is no need to despair for our God our Lord knows the solution,” he said.

Prophet Hungwe, who conducts his services at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield, went on to deliver a number of people from a number of problems.

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