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Saiwe Chimbetu resurfaces

By Latwell Nyangu / Published on Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 19:42 PM / No Comments / 1800 views

11 October 2017

Saiwe Chimbetu

SAIWE, daughter to the late dendera music co-founder Simon Chimbetu, is back in the game!

The then promising gospel musician has been keeping a low profile for close to three years.

She last launched her second album titled Simba Rekutenda in 2014.

Her debut six-track album – Shoko RaJehovha – was released in 2011.

In an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the Fusion of Worship Live DVD recording, the True Vine Band leader said:

“I was in Cape Town, South Africa, I wasn’t quiet but I believe I was getting a revelation in life sezvo tichiri kukura, tinenge tichitoona, we will be seeing hakusi kunyarara.

“I was concentrating on my family and business; it was quite an experience,” she said.


Musically, Saiwe said she has been performing in church as a choir member.

“I was just serving in church as a choir member but not on my own with the True Vine band.

“My music with the band was on hold, munhu nemunhu achishumira nepake but since I am back we are just continuing from where we left with the ministry and it’s the same band,” she said.


Despite keeping a low profile, Saiwe is upbeat she will make the great comeback.

“Tatogadzirira zvikuru, album, DVD, videos everything zvakatarisirwa nezvatiri kushuvira, and fans should be prepared, ngavagare vakavhura meso nenzeve because takutopedza kugadzirira.

“I believe nenzara ine vanhu yekunzwisisa kuti tanga tiripi nekuda kunzwa futi mimanzi yedu we will make it promptly.

“The desire we have is more than theirs so I believe we will be able to meet that demand and even to give more than expected because we are also hungry to minister since we had stopped.

“We were loading new things in our hearts from God who has been guiding us and filling us with Holy Spirit to also minister to the world.”


Saiwe says she is determined to make a number of public shows and last Saturday, she featured as guest artiste at a Fusion Worship live DVD.

“So far, I have seen that wherever we get a chance to play our music, it has been accepted.

“However, I am quite aware there are places and people who haven’t heard about our music.

“We are putting everything in order so that we get to everyone who is eager to feel our music.”


As she makes a comeback, Saiwe says her husband only identified as Mr Mhlanga will be running her affairs.

“Well I think zvese about my social zviri mukati mezvandareva, what else can I say and this is my husband Mr Mhlanga.

“He will be playing the role of my manager and he will be the one in charge.”

Saiwe honed her skills as a backing vocalist of the late Sam Mtukudzi’s AY Band.

She is one of the Chimbetus of song along with Suluman, Tryson, Douglas and her uncle Allan.

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