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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Friday, 07 Oct 2016 15:07 PM / No Comments / 4659 views

7 October 2016

. . . dating married woman backfires


A SOLDIER is nursing scalding injuries after he was allegedly caught red-handed bedding a married woman.

Paddington Mkototsi, 24, is alleged to have accommodated his married lover Nyasha Madziro, 32, at his matrimonial bedroom while his wife Polite Cheura was on night duty but all hell broke loose after the two love birds were caught by Polite last week.


Following a tip off, Polite returned home, boiled water at their neighbour’s house, sneaked into the bedroom and caught the two between the sheets, impeccable sources told H-Metro.

Paddington and Polite are both soldiers and the two are on separation following the incident.

Polite confirmed scalding her husband with water saying she had been tipped that Paddington had been accommodating Nyasha whenever she was at work.


“My husband is the one who takes over my shift so he took advantage of that to accommodate Nyasha in my matrimonial bedroom,” said Polite.

“Nyasha is an agent of a law firm and she hooked up with my husband after she convinced him to join a legal policy.

“I was not informed of the policy and the two started seeing each other behind my back to the extent of having sex in my bedroom.


“I wanted to scald him on his private parts and face and see if Nyasha was going to continue loving him; he is my husband who broke my virginity and we have a child together so I cannot let him be seduced by lustful married women like Nyasha.

“Nyasha ran out and I took her panties, akaenda kumba kwavo asina bhurugwa.

“I took the matter to Nyasha’s bosses and Paddington collected his belongings and left the house. Maybe he is planning to snatch Nyasha from her husband,” said Polite.

Nyasha denied the allegations and begged H-Metro not to publish the story saying Paddington was only her client not a lover.

“I am married with two kids and I am expecting a third child and this issue has caused me headache that I am afraid this will reach my husband’s attention,” said Polite.

“I am aware that Paddington was scalded with hot water but this did not happen in Dzivaresekwa where they live.

“It happened in Kwekwe where they had visited Polite’s aunt for counselling over my issue but honestly speaking I never fell in love with Paddington; he is my client only.

“Paddington had issues with his wife and they are using me as their fighting ground because of my contact number she discovered in his mobile phone,” said Nyasha.

Paddington showed H-Metro his wounds on his back and neck saying Polite wanted to scald his privates and face over Nyasha.

“I was not in love with Nyasha but my wife got her contact number and this became a big issue that we had to visit her aunt for counselling.

“The message I sent to Nyasha read; ‘Imbomira kusenda message mukadzi wangu aripo’ after seeing this message she saved Nyasha’s contact number.

“It was during counselling when she became violent, slapped me and poured boiling water on me.

“Our misunderstanding with my wife started after I confronted her over seeing one of our bosses behind my back,” said Paddington.

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