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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016 15:57 PM / No Comments / 5659 views

15 November 2016

. . . Muponda preys on widows



AMBITIOUS country musician-cum-entrepreneur, Cosmas Muponda, is reportedly preying on widows who seek help at his Southerton base.

The 41-year-old has reportedly turned his office into a love nest and his Kodak moments with one of the widows kissing in his office are circulating on social media.


Muponda’s alleged insatiable desire for women allegedly forced him to part ways with one of his close allies only identified as Nyanganya after he allegedly snatched the latter’s lover identified as Marufu.

An H-Metro mole said Muponda was using his financial muscle to prey on vulnerable women, including those of his friends.

One of the widows, Racheal Muvingi told H-Metro that she rejected Muponda’s approach only for him to retaliate by giving her wrong item from what she had ordered.


“I was already taken so his attempt failed and we clashed after he gave me a cheap tombstone from what I had paid for,” said Racheal.

“I could not take my issue further since his intentions were wrong and I ended up taking the item I did not pay for,” she added.

Nyanganya confirmed parting ways with Muponda over his girlfriend saying the story is now water under the bridge.

“Muponda snatched my girlfriend at a party and this annoyed me but it’s no longer an issue brother, just leave it alone zvinozotimakisawo isu vacho,” said Nyanganya.

“I sent him messages expressing my displeasure but he never replied any of the messages, we used to call my girlfriend with a pseudo name ‘Patrick’ so people would not understand that we were talking about my girlfriend,” he added.


Marufu denied the allegations saying her meetings with Muponda were strictly business since she is in love with Nyanganya.

“My boyfriend is Nyanganya and no one is reaping his ‘garden’. Anouya wani kumba handidanane naMuponda ini we only discuss business with him,” she said.

Muponda denied turning his office into a love nest saying people are after tarnishing his image.

“I want to believe you as a journalist do your investigations and get the truth about these allegations and get facts,” said Muponda unaware that H-Metro is in possession of his photographs with two different women believed to be widows.

“People are after tarnishing my image; I am not abusing widows visiting my office as alleged.

“As for Nyanganya, we parted ways over his incompetence in doing business not that I snatched his girlfriend,” said Muponda denying posing for photographs kissing with any other woman besides his wife Beatrice Kanyowa.

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