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Sex session costs driver

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Wednesday, 28 Dec 2016 20:16 PM / No Comments / 3907 views

28 December 2016



A truck driver’s sex session with an Avenues hooker landed him in trouble after his loaded truck got stuck before delivery on Unity Day.

The unidentified driver parked his truck loaded with potatoes destined for Mbare market along 8th Street and hooked up with a sex worker along Selous Avenue for a ‘quickie’.


Rains sold him out by wetting the ground leaving his truck stuck in the mud and he had no option than to call his employer for back up.

Two trucks were sent and it took more than four hours to remove the loaded UD truck registration (ADL 2074).

He clashed with his fellow workers who came to offload the truck after he diverted route.

“Kutitadzisa kufara nemhuri dzedu nekuda kwechipfambi chako, kumaAvenue kunani wako, wanga uchitsvaga pfambi iwe wakatakura basa, dai wabirwa mapotataoes iwaya waiitasei, unodakuendeswa kuhearing iwe,” they were heard saying.

Residents pleaded with the produce owner to buy the potatoes but he refused saying the consignment was for a Mbare client in the market.

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