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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016 14:28 PM / No Comments / 2750 views

15 June 2016
. . . Woman clashes with hooker

Daphine and Tapiwa

A self-confessed hooker is nursing injuries after she was bashed by hired fellow hookers for snatching another woman’s husband.

Tricia Ngoroyemoto was, last week, stripped and assaulted by eight hookers hired by Daphine Chivhunga, for snatching her husband Tapiwa Chivhunga.

Tricia was taken to her apartment at Franton Court along Josiah Chinamano Avenue where the hookers took part of her fashion wears and got away with US$360 in cash.


She sustained head and body injuries and the case was taken to Harare Central police station.

“Honestly speaking, I never slept with Daphine’s husband only that she suspected me after she came and found me seated in his car,” said Tricia.

“She hired eight ladies from Kennedine Court along Central Avenue and they stripped me, forced me to walk naked as they assaulted me.

“My head is still aching and I sustained wounds on my back and abdomen after one of the ladies attacked me with a pair of scissors.

“One of my friends is the one who is dating Tapiwa’s friend and Daphine concluded that I was bedding him since he was left with me as the two were spending some time.

Daphine and Tapiwa (2)

“I reported the case to the police and Daphine reasoned with the officers and paid me US$400 to replace my stolen US$360.

“They never paid me anything to cover medical expenses and I am still in pain that I cannot hook up men to have money for my rentals,” said Tricia in tears.

However, H-Metro found Tricia in the arms of one of her clients nursing her injuries and she asked permission to dress up for the interview.

Daphine confirmed the incident saying Tricia received what she deserved and threatened H-Metro for publishing the story she claimed was already water under the bridge.

“The best person to talk to is Tricia and she is the one who should tell you why she decided to snatch my husband; she got what she deserved and I have nothing to apologise for,” said Daphine.

Daphine and one of the accused hookers
Daphine and one of the accused hookers

“You are always after publishing negative stories that concern my life why, if you continue doing that one day you will be attacked by someone you do not know remember C1 is looking for you.

“Last time you wrote about my selling of drugs and for your own information you increased my sales by that story and I will not stop selling drugs.

“As we speak I bought a double cab truck from drug dealing and I will continue, as for Tricia enda kwaanogara anokuudza zvaakaitwa.

“In your previous story you described me as heartless because I do not have children, that offended me and if you continue writing that I will undress you one day.

“You delayed reporting Tricia’s story ndakatoipedza hakuna kwaichaenda kumapurisa its now water under the bridge,” said Daphine.

Tapiwa could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

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