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‘She was never pregnant for me’

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 18:05 PM / No Comments / 1790 views

21 June 2018

A Harare man was bitter against his ex-wife of eight years from disturbing his peace at home and at work, disposing property, forcing his eviction from the place he stays and demanding money to pay for children that are not his.

Patrick Chari told the court that his ex-wife Nelia Gwara left their matrimonial home without informing him while going to Bulawayo where she has been staying with another man.

“Your Honour, she came to Hopley Farm where I stay and forced me to move claiming ownership of the land.

“I did not divorce the woman or send her away. I still buy food and basics,” he said.

“I am not happy that she left and stayed with another man, furthermore she comes to my workplace demanding money.”

When asked why he lied to the court that he did not have any children whilst the woman he was staying with has children for him he replied that “she was never pregnant for me, the children are not mine because she once told me that they are not mine.”

Nelia Gwara refuted the ownership of the house in Hopley Farm which was claimed by her ex-husband

“We have been staying together at this place but the stand is registered in my name,” she said.

She told the court that the man was not taking care of his children and had since moved away from the Hopley house in December with another woman and currently staying in Hatcliffe.

“I left the house because he had infected me with a disease and went to my brother’s place in Bulawayo.

“I did not tell him that I was not well because he is the reason for my sickness and he would worsen the situation by using juju with his wife.

“What I want is that he leaves the house in Hopley Farm which is registered in my name since he is staying with another woman on my property.”

The application was dismissed. The applicant was advised to approach the relevant court over ownership of the property.

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