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‘She loves beer more than kids’

By Fungiso Chawora / Published on Thursday, 23 Nov 2017 18:40 PM / No Comments / 1857 views

23 November 2017


A CITY man said his wife loves alcohol more than her family.

Phathisile Simbachoto appeared in the Harare civil court seeking a peace order against former husband Alwin Mateka.

“This man here is my ex-husband and he is mentally unstable. He has a habit of beating up any guy who greets me and he accuses me of being a prostitute.

“He comes to my place of residence making noise shouting at me in front of our children and he even goes to my mother’s workplace making noise,” said Phathisile.

She also accused Alvin of violent conduct.

“He assaults me whenever he sees me talking to any male person who isn’t my relative. I am terrified of him and I’m scared that he might hurt me or worse kill me,” she added.

In response, Alvin denied the allegations as he accused her of being a drunkard and cheat.

“We separated because she is a promiscuous woman who spends most of her time in a bar.

“I don’t assault her or insult her but I will be asking her about the whereabouts of our children.”

Alvin also accused Phathisile of violent.

“She is the violent one who beats me up for asking about my children.

“I visited her mother to tell her that her daughter is neglecting our children but her mother assaulted me and chased me away.

“I go to her place of residence to see my children but she bars me from seeing them that’s when I start making noise.

“I have tried to report to the police that she assaulted me but my case is ignored because her uncle is a chief police officer,” said Alvin.

Presiding magistrate Larzin Ncube granted the peace order in Phathisile’s favour and advised Alvin to sue for custody.


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