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Shingi Mukandi’s majestic burial

By Adoration Bizure / Published on Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 20:28 PM / No Comments / 13319 views

27 July 2017


BUSINESS came to a standstill in the capital on Wednesday as thousands paid their last respects to Harare businessman, biker and socialite, Shingi Mukandi, who died on Saturday night.

Mourners comprised the socialite’s colleagues, business associates, friends and relatives.
Mabelreign Anglican Church, where Shingi’s body viewing was conducted, could not contain the numbers of people who attended the church service.

After the service, a long motorcade of mourners accompanied Shingi’s casket to Glen Forest Memorial Park where he was laid to rest.

In paying their last respects, Shingi’s friends and fellow bikers showcased their stunts as they escorted him to the graveyard.

Below is what some of Shingi’s friends said:

Socialite and businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’Kadungure who was among mourners said he was hurt by Shingi’s death.

“Shingi’s death came to me as a great shock and if money could buy life, I would sell everything I have to have him back but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about his death.
“I was in South Africa but I had to come for the burial of Shingi because of the good relationship I had with him.

“He was a friend to mine; we used to joke, calling each other names which I cannot even tell you because we were very close.

“Apart from the friendship we had, we also related well because we would do some business deals together and all the business deals we did were successful,” he said.

“I got to know about Shingi’s death five minutes after it had happened after being called by one of our friends who broke the news to me.

“I wanted to come that same day but I had to delay because I had some business meetings to attend to and that is why I only managed to attend the burial.

“All these people gathered here is evidence enough that he was a good man, one cannot have such numbers of mourners when they die if they were not people persons.

“I will always cherish the moments I spent with Shingi, may his soul rest in peace.”

Music promoter and businessman Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare said he will not be deterred by people who were criticising him on social media after he posted a video clip crying over the death of Shingi.

“Those people who were speaking bad about me when they saw my Facebook post do not understand how close I was to Shingi.

“He was more than a friend, he was more of a brother to me, so on that Facebook post, I was just expressing how hurt I was, I wasn’t seeking attention like what people are saying.

“I got to know Shingi in 2004 and I recall days when we would even hire a kombi to go to the lake just to have fun.

“The last conversation I had with him, he had invited me to go out for drinks and I gave an excuse and now I regret why I didn’t prioritise his offer.

“He used to call me brother-in-law because he used to joke with me saying he wants his son to marry my daughter.

“Now that he is gone, I don’t think I will ever find someone who will fill the void he has left in my life,” he said.

Businesswoman and socialite, Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele, said she was saddened by the death of Shingi since she had spent time with him a day before his death.

“When I heard of the death of Shingi, it was very hard for me to believe considering that the day before we had some drinks at one of the leisure spots in the country.

“Shingi loved cracking jokes and those were the conversations we had the last time I spoke to him.

“When we left the joint, he texted me asking if I had got home well and I asked him to send me a joke to post on my Facebook page and he sent me the joke and the next thing I heard news he was gone.

“Shingi was a good man, he was someone who could help a friend when they are in trouble, and personally he helped me many times,” she said.

Harare dealer and a close friend to Shingi, Ronny Nyandoro said the law should take its course in dealing with the perpetrators of the hit and run incident.

“Shingi died in a very painful way, no one would want their friend or a relative to die that way.

“So as a friend of Shingi, we are waiting to see how those who killed him will be dealt with by the law.

“He was more like a younger brother to me, I will always miss the moments we spent and may his soul rest in peace,” he said.

Harare socialite Amai Gamu said she was devastated by Shingi’s death.

“It seems as if in this life good people are the ones who are taken away from us.

“The death of Shingi was a wake-up call for me that death comes when we don’t expect it.

“Though I am in pain for the loss I am thankful to God for giving me a chance of having a friend like Shingi, he was a genuine friend to me.

“He didn’t have other motives, when he sees you as a friend he meant it and I will always respect him for that,’ he said.

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