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Shoplifter gets community service

By Judith Nyuke / Published on Monday, 17 Oct 2016 13:43 PM / No Comments / 373 views

17 October 2016

A 19-year-old boy was slapped with 175 hours of community service which he will serve at Zimre park community centre after he pleaded guilty on two counts of theft.

Rowan Mutimukulu appeared before Mbare magistrate Tendai Miti facing charges of theft, he did not deny the charges.

He was sentenced to four months in prison while one month was suspended and three months wholly suspended on condition that he completes 175 hours of community service at Zimre Park Community Centre.

As he was questioned by the Court he was asked why he stole the items and he said he wanted to pay his school fees.

“I wanted to pay my school fees,” he said.

It was the State’s case that on September 13 at TM Acardia Mutimukulu took five bottles of 400ml Nivea and one box of corn flakes and put them in the trolley.

He proceeded to the butchery where he removed a packet of cornflakes from the box and put the five bottles of Nivea inside.

He went to the till as if he wanted to buy cornflakes and was noticed by the till operator that it was not cornflakes inside the box but Nivea bottles.

He was apprehended as he tried to run away.

On the second count of theft, The State represented by Kholisani Mangena heard that on October 10 at OK Queensdale Mutimukulu took four 50ml bottles and four boxed 50ml of Colour me perfumes.

He went to the bakery bay and took a loaf of bread, he opened it and put the perfumes inside the bread.

Mutimukulu went to the till, payed for the bread but he was not aware that he was being monitored.

As he was going out he was searched the whole body, they could not get the perfumes but as they searched his paper bag it was discovered that he had put the perfumes inside a loaf of bread.

He was apprehended as he was about to exit the shop.

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