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Siblings fight over estate

By Fungiso Chawora / Published on Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 17:48 PM / No Comments / 1036 views

15 August 2017

A Waterfalls woman approached the court seeking a protection order against her brother, who allegedly threatened to kill her.

Dorothy Mazhindi told the Harare civil court that her brother Munyaradzi Sonzi does not want her to inherit their father’s estate because she is a woman.

“Your Worship, my father died recently and my brother does not want me to inherit part of my father’s estate because I am a girl child.

“Munyaradzi and my father’s siblings hid the title deeds that show that the farm was in my father’s name.

“I have witnesses who can corroborate with me on the issue of hiding the papers.

“They told me that they will do anything to make sure that I never inherit my father’s property.

“He even threatened to kill me if I ever stepped onto our father’s plot.

“The case is now being processed in the High Court and he is afraid that the court will rule in my favour.”

In response Munyaradzi said:

“Your Worship, she is lying; the farm belonged to our grandfather and not our father.

“Some of my father’s siblings are still alive and it would be better if they inherit the property since it belonged to their father.

“She wants the farm all to herself that’s why she is saying that I threatened to kill her.

“She and her boyfriend come to the farm to cause havoc.

“She doesn’t have respect for our uncles and aunts as she and her boyfriend threaten them and tells them to leave the farm.”

Presiding magistrate Amanda Muridzo dismissed the claim and told them to wait for the High Court ruling.

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