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By Kingsley Mutandi / Published on Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017 14:27 PM / No Comments / 645 views

14 November 2017

Harare City lost to How Mine

HARARE City will have to forget about their success in Chibuku Super Cup and concentrate on fighting relegation.

They face Black Rhinos in a mid-week clash that could see them on the brink, unless if they continue from where they left against How Mine in the cup final.

Rhinos coach Stanford “Stix” Mutizwa says they are not intimidated by the Sunshine Boys going into this tie.

“We are not intimidated by our opponents. We have learnt a lot from our losses and we have gained experience playing against them.

“And if the truth be told, we need three points. It is a league game and we are all going through tough times, so we do not want to lose,” said Stix.

Black Rhinos were impressive in the first half of the season but eventually lost it as the season progressed.

Harare City on the other hand had a nightmarish start to the season before they fought their way back.

Interestingly, Rhinos lost 1-0 to Harare City in the Chibuku Super Cup and revenge could also be the motive.

“In Chibuku, we lost 1-0 to them. We try not to look back so we train and take steps necessary.

“So far we have no injuries, I don’t know about the players who were on national duty with the Warriors.

“Our opponents are happy and they are motivated, it will be a tough match but we always fight for our status and winning is what we want most. So it is not going to be an easy match,” he said.

On Saturday Harare City showed they can destroy any defence in the Premiership if they come to the party.

“We will be working hard to put the team together and training is in progress. So we are set to play the game with all we have.

“Our ambition is to win but in the game of football anything can happen, so our fans should come and expect more of a fight from us,” Stix said.

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