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Sister basher sued

By Fungiso Chawora / Published on Tuesday, 12 Dec 2017 16:42 PM / No Comments / 2143 views

12 December 2017

TWO siblings’ disagreements spilled into court with one accusing the other of abuse and harassment
Ivika Kakono claimed that Gerry Kakono abuses her and the children which led her to sue for protection at the Harare civil court.

“Your Worship I am not living in peace at my father’s house because of my brother Gerry.

“He acts as if he is my father and bosses me around, he even sets time for me to return home after work.

“He told me that I should be home by 6pm and when I arrive home after six he locks the gate for me.

“Recently I came home around 7:30pm and he assaulted me and called me a prostitute.

“He also calls me a witch and he goes around telling people that I have an STI,” she said.

“I stay at my father’s house with my children and Gerry also abuses them.

“He assaults them and insults them as well; my children are depressed as a result of his treatment towards us.

“The house was left for both of us and I have as much right as he has to stay there.”

In response Gerry denied the allegations and claimed that he loves his sister and would never hurt her or her children.

“I never intentionally harmed Ivika; she is my blood and I love her.

“We do quarrel here and there like all siblings do; the rules that I put in place are for her own good.

“I also discipline her children because I am their uncle but she doesn’t like it when I do that

“That is why she is claiming that I abuse them,” said Gerry.

Presiding magistrate Lazini Ncube granted the protection order in Ivika’s favour.

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