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By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 15:29 PM / No Comments / 1515 views

10 July 2018

FEMALE Stanbic Bank employees have embarked on an initiative to raise funds for disposable and reusable sanitary wear to be donated to remote areas countrywide.

Their campaign started at Musembura Primary School in Musembura Village, Bindura yesterday where they distributed 350 packs of both disposable and reusable sanitary wear.

Saliwe Mutetwa-Zakariya, Director of Talia Women’s Network, addressed the students and parents at the gathering about the importance of puberty and menstruation education at home.

She emphasised the need for males to be aware of the puberty changes that females go through especially menstruation so that solutions to help the females are not hindered.

“Menstruation is a natural body process therefore females should not be ashamed to discuss with their families.

“Women should value their womanhood and be proud that they were born women who go through the process of menstruation every month. Women should feel free to talk about menstruation problems,” she said.

She encouraged women to maintain hygiene, especially when using the disposable and reusable sanitary wear.

“When one starts to menstruate, there is a need to maintain good hygiene, women should bath regularly to avoid bad odours.

“The reusable sanitary wear should be washed after use and dried on direct sunlight. It is an alternative that should be used by women who keep good hygiene. They should be washed using mild soaps they can be used for a period of 18 months,” she remarked.

Stanbic Bank representative, Nyasha Mutsai, the Head of Human Capital, enlightened the gathering on the initiative by female employees together with the Stanbic Bank to donate sanitary wear in remote areas.

“This initiative is to empower young women so that they can have confidence,” she said.

Junior Councillor Nommatter Muvheyo said the initiative is of great importance to students at Musembura School.

“It is my first time to see the reusable sanitary wear and I am happy to know that our problems as girls during our periods are gone as the sanitary wear can be used for a long period of time.

“Girls in our community struggle during their menses because of lack of sanitary wear we want to thank the women behind this initiative,” she said.

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