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Stunner, Wife circus

By Blessing Masakadza / Published on Friday, 06 Jan 2017 14:54 PM / No Comments / 4459 views

6 January 2017


. . . As Olinda apologises

Stunner and Olinda
Stunner and Olinda

CONTROVERSIAL rapper Stunner and wife Olinda Chapel’s social media circus has been described by many as a publicity stunt meant to propel his career.

Barely 24 hours after Olinda came out on Facebook crying and fuming at the rapper accusing him of being a gold-digger and a cheating husband, she made a U-turn and posted an apology.

Olinda however denied stage-managing the Facebook drama.

In the post containing the apology, Olinda claims one of Stunner’s friends had approached her and snitched on him.

She said she was wrong by publicly humiliating the rapper as someone with nothing that she has had to buy him everything from clothes, cars, paying for his daughter’s schools and financing his career.

She begged the rapper for an apology.

This also follows a snap chat video on Thursday night which Stunner posted showing the two in bed and laughing the incident off.


In a live Facebook post, Olinda threatened to commit suicide, being pictured with pills in her hand alleging Stunner was cheating on her, bringing other women in their house.

In another post, she alleged that Stunner was cheating on her with a lady identified as Deon, asking the lady to return a cellphone which she claimed she bought.
Olinda’s post reads:

“It is with a heavy heart I need to apologise to my husband. After spending the whole night talking things through and going through “evidence”. I was mistaken. I had one of his very close friends approach me and feed me the wrong information that seemed to have coincidental evidence. It truly seemed like he was in the wrong but he wasn’t. Hence why he found the whole thing funny.

As a woman akaroorwa, I’d like to apologise for the things I said yesterday. The day we got married it was no longer mine but ours. I should know better. I hope he forgives me. But true lesson learnt is that friends come in sheep clothing. Des and I are now working on our marriage and we hope God sees us through. I am sorry to everyone who had their time and emotions wasted. I overreacted, it wasn’t a publicity stunt but a woman who acted as judge , jury and prosecutor and just wanted to hurt him the way I felt hurt. And him being the man that he is he came home still laughing drinking his moet and snap chatting my angry face.

Des murume wangu I am sorry and you are right I should be banned off social media.”

Her Facebook account Olinda Chideme was no longer available by Friday afternoon.

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