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Stunner’s wife quits Facebook

By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Friday, 06 Jan 2017 16:08 PM / No Comments / 3688 views

6 January 2017


Stunner and Olinda Chapel
Stunner and Olinda Chapel

Rapper Stunner’s wife Olinda Chapel has quit Facebook.

Her account was no longer available by Friday afternoon following her new post apologising to the rapper barely 24 hours after she attacked him on the social networking site accusing him of being a gold-digger and a cheating husband.

On Thursday, she made made a live Facebook post on her account Olinda Chideme, sobbing, undressing the rapper, saying she is the one behind his well-being from clothes, rentals to cars.

She made a U-turn and apologized to the rapper saying his friend had snitched on him.

Several people attacked her following the post, with some hurling insults describing her as desperate and female ‘blesser’.

It seems she could not contain the comments and deactivated the account.

Some believed it was a publicity stunt to push Stunner’s new song which came within hours of Olinda’s outburst titled Letting You Go featuring Nox.

Several people expressed their views on social networking sites Facebook, twitter and Instagram some calling her a ‘desperate female blesser’.

Below are some of the comments by people on social media:

“I got a feeling that this was a planned thing”

“stunner and olinda planned it just to support their track am pretty sure wen she was filming that video stunner was there laughing and saying keep going babie”

“hahahahahaha we ar victims yesterday we stood wt her vamwe kutotukirira vasina mhosva aaah zvonyadza”

“That was just a publicity stunt to promote single ya Stunner irikubuda. Pane imwe clip ichangobuda yavarikutoseka vari 2 zvavo. Vapfana vamazuva ano varikutsvaka mari nebheura chairo”

“stunner zvake zvakabhadare and she (Olinda ) is desperate …and Stunner knows she will cling to anything that he says to her to counter the allegations”

“Ngaaite apology LIVE sezvaakaita pekutanga”

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