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By Rest Mutore / Published on Monday, 12 Feb 2018 15:33 PM / No Comments / 2880 views

12 February 2018

‘. . . collabo with Mukanya done deal’

MUSICIAN Suluman Chimbetu’s five-year wait to record a duet with chimurenga guru Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo is set to be fulfilled when the latter visits the country for the April 28 bira at Glamis A rena, both camps have confirmed.

Sulu announced in 2013 that he is working on a collaboration titled Mugomo with Mukanya to feature on his album Gunship which was released in 2014, but nothing materialised.

Then, Sulu claimed to have sent files to the United States-based legend to put his voice but was forced to drop the song after several attempts to secure the voice.

The Alice Mbewe hit-maker explained to this writer at the launch of Gunship at Maestro Restaurant in Highlands, in 2014, that they have decided to shelf the song for the next album.

He had to settle for Soul Jah Love and did the song Nyuchi which is among his hits to date.

Sulu continued sampling the song at his shows as he had two year to chase Mukanya’s voice for the next album, but again the two-year effort hit a brick wall.

Possibly after realising that he is chasing the unattainable, Sulu ‘pulled a shocker’ and went on to record the song, Mugomo, alone, track number 10 on his album Jamboree which was released in 2016.

The dendera music torch bearer did not drop Mukanya’s part but tried to imitate Mukanya’s hoarse voice which he achieved, albeit for studio purposes.

The song is a call for Mukanya to come back home after several years in exile and Sulu sings, “ko nhaimi Mukanya makamira mugomo makamirirei . . . makatisiya tiri pwere tava nendebvu pachifuva dzokai Mukanya takusuwai.”

And Sulu had composed lines for Mukanya and sang, “kumirira zhizha ndiri muno mugomo ndiri kuuya.”

Some might decide to call it Sulu’s ‘embarrassing’ moment in his career, or whatever, but the truth is the ‘rain season’ (zhizha) he sang about is finally here.

The Pidigori hit-maker is finally coming after a new dispensation in the country which saw the end of former President Robert Mugabe’s regime, possibly the rain season which Sulu was referring to in this song Mugomo.

The good news for dendera and chimurenga music lovers now is the two musicians are set to do a remix of the song the day before the much-awaited show at the Glamis Arena, at least according to their camps.

Mukanya’s spokesperson Blessing Vava who was in the country for a press conference which was held last Friday ahead of the concert confirmed the development.

“Mukanya always wanted to put his voice on that song but I think there was lack of communication. I am actually the one who told him that (Simon) Chimbetu’s son wants to have a song with you and he told me ah hoo Simon anga ari shamwari yangu ka uyu muudze asende mafiles acho tinzwe.

“So yes they will definitely do something when he comes for the bira,” said Vava.
Sulu’s manager Carlton Muparutsa who represented him at the press briefing described it as a done deal.

“I can safely confirm that Sulu and Mukanya are going to do that collabo a day before the show. There are chances that they can even do another song and a remix of Mugomo,” said Muparutsa.

Vava also said Mukanya is ready to do collaborations with different musicians.

Mukanya is set to perform in Zimbabwe on April 2018 at Glamis Arena courtesy of Entertainment Republic.

He will share the stage with Oliver Mtukudzi, Suluman Chimbetu, Winky D, Andy Muridzo and Garry Tight among others.

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