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Tryson bashes ex-wife

By Rudo Muchedzi / Published on Friday, 15 Jun 2018 16:31 PM / No Comments / 3272 views

15 June 2018

. . . accuses wife of cheating

. . . hires Nyau dancers to beat ex

DENDERA musician, Tryson Chimbetu, has been hauled to the Harare Civil Court for bashing his former wife.

Tryson’s wife, Nyarai Mukumba opened up before Magistrate Manase Masiiwa in her quest for a protection order against the singer.

She accused the musician of physical abuse, which prompted her to apply for a protection order.

Nyarai also told the court that Tryson accuses her of cheating with his brother and was in the habit of insulting and assaulting her.

“Your Worship, Tryson was my husband but we separated over cheating allegations.

“He once accused me of cheating with his brother but he does not have evidence.

“He parades to the entire neighbourhood that I cheated and this has tarnished my image of which it is a lie,” she said.

Nyarai said Tryson abused her emotionally.

“He also took our child who was playing outside the house without my knowledge and I had no idea where the child had gone.

“The other day he hired Nyau dancers (zvigure) who threatened to beat me up.

“He even assaulted my grandmother and my uncle. I do not know why he assaults them; he is just abusive and that is why I am staying with my grandmother.

“May the court bar him from coming to my place of residence and he should stop texting me,” she said.

In response, Tryson said he was not opposed to the application.

“I am not opposed to the application of a protection order, but she is lying.

“I was told that she was cheating and whenever I went out to perform, she would also go somewhere without my knowledge.

“Whenever I asked her about the issue, she would become violent,” he said.

Presiding magistrate granted protection order in Nyarai’s favour.

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