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Turn to God for help

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Monday, 30 Oct 2017 16:47 PM / No Comments / 475 views

. . . as ‘spiritual horn’ causes stir

LOCAL church leader, prophet Lazarus Mashavave, says God delivers people in different ways and all that is needed is faith.

The prophet further described many diseases affecting people as demonic and needing spiritual intervention saying it is high time people have faith in God and call to him in any situation.

Prophet Mashavave has been leading a deliverance session at his Life Giving Spirit International Ministries at the Waterfalls municipal hall using a ‘spiritual’ horn that has caused a stir, drawing the attention of many.

The horn reportedly contains anointed oil that a drop is enough to cause change in someone’s life.

“People are living in a spiritual world, fighting spiritual wars which need divine intervention. Many ailments affecting people are spiritual and spiritual intervention. Imagine someone goes to a doctor, got medically examined but nothing is found but they are ill. That is a spirit hindering your healing. I’m saying call on to God before anything else. God delivers his people in different ways,” he said.

The prophet added, “Some people are highly qualified but when they go for a job interview they become blank and end up losing the job. That is a spirit against your success and needs spiritual help.”

Sources say several people have been delivered and some have brought their educational and professional certificates for anointing through the horn.

“The horn is the greatest miracle we have seen, just a drop from the horn has changed lives. At times when you hear about it, you might not believe and it needs you to be there. A certain woman came from South Africa who was somehow bewitched and could not walk or eat but just a few drops of the oil saw her walking without aide. The sick were healed and those in spiritual warfare being delivered,” said a source close to the prophet.

The prophet has employed several healing and deliverance methods at his church that at one point whips were used. He also introduced the ‘cellphone’ healing

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