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Two years under water?

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Thursday, 27 Apr 2017 16:35 PM / No Comments / 7226 views

27 April 2017


… No sex for a year

. . . children mysteriously die


A CHITUNGWIZA woman spent two years under water, held captive by mermaids, and her life has never been the same.

Emma Chikuni had to endure a year of excessive bleeding and hardships when she went against the mermaids’ dictates by joining a church when she was supposed to be a sangoma.

She and husband Nickwell Chikerema went for year without sex as she would bleed profusely when they attempted to be intimate or just at the sight of each other that they had to be separated for a long time.

She mysteriously lost three of her children, with one disappearing from the grave and the other drowning in a well.

She survived on eating soil.

Despite being of young age, she could no longer withstand being called ‘gogo’ in the streets.

She could not enjoy the modern hairstyles by women and only had locks or unkempt hair. Having a haircut or a weave was a disaster for her.

Emma and husband Nickwell Chikerema

Relatives shunned her that she wished for death.

“I endured the most difficult life. I was under water for two years and much of the things that happened there remain a mystery. I got married and had five children.

“People would call me gogo even those older than me. I had locks and could not have a haircut. Having a weave was a nightmare, yaidamburwa manheru ndakarara,” she said.

“We were staying in Budiriro and one day I passed by a church service by Life Giving Spirit Ministries led by prophet Mashavave and he was praying for people with addictions. I had an addiction of eating soil. That was my only meal,” she said.

Prophet Mashavave

Emma said the visit to Prophet Mashavave who is now based at Premier Tobacco Auction Floors was the beginning of a new phase in her life.

“I was given anointing oil which I was using. I went to my rural home in Mhondoro and a granny came to me asking what I was using. She said she wanted to tell me what happened to my child but I could not withstand her, I was angry,” she said.

“I returned home and started bleeding for a year without stopping. I could not eat or walk up to a point of losing consciousness. My husband heard about it and called prophet Mashavave who then prayed for me over the phone. He told me to get up and the bleeding stopped.

“The bleeding affected our bedroom life. Just the sight of my husband was a trigger for me to bleed. Just trying to be intimate was a nightmare as I would start bleeding, ropa kuti tsaaa,” she said.

“All the time I was in Mhondoro, my husband became a regular at Mbare musika sending me ‘dhaga’ vachitenga chimugomo chaicho,” she said.

“I’m happy my husband managed to be by my side, if it was someone he could have left me, going for a long time without intimacy,” she said.

Emma said recently she had another strange incident when she went to Mhondoro, having a dream with a huge fish saying it had come to get her.

She said she went fishing and suddenly the water in the river dried up.

“I went fishing with my sister –in – law and suddenly the water dried up and I had to pick the fish. Suddenly I saw a man in front of me offering to catch the fish for me. Suddenly the water reappeared and I became unconscious. I woke in the company of people with whips threating to assault me for being disobedient. I had a vision, and prophet Mashavave appeared and challenged those people, saying he had come to get me. It was a war but my prophet managed to get me. I went home and told my parents and they all said maybe it was the power of the anointing oil,” she said.

“When I came back church became my core business because that is where I got my deliverance through the man of God. Before the deliverance I went to several churches, kumasowe, seeking help but nothing materialised. I would fall asleep at times but through prophet Mashavave things have changed, all for the good.

“I’m happy to be having a weave in my head and also being called mother not gogo. The last time I had a weave I developed a ‘gorge’ on my head. Kugerwa chaiko, ziso raitsvuka maisanditarisa. I was supposed to be a sangoma but I kept defying the orders. Ndairapa munhu ndatonzwa tsitsi, zvaida ndigare ndirimusango but now I am delivered, I can now have proper meals, things have changed in the bedroom, mufaro wadzoka,” she said.

“Some church leaders ditched me, my parents were out of sorts but prophet Mashavave stood by me and my life has changed,” she said.

Prophet Mashavave said he does not deserve credit for the woman’s healing,

“All glory to God for with Him all things are possible. No disease or situation is bigger that the blood of Jesus. We are having several testimonies and all we say is Glory to God,” he said.

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