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Weeds choke Antelope Park dam

By Mirirai Nsingo / Published on Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 18:05 PM / No Comments / 1493 views

27 September 2017

WEEDS are fast choking one of the dams at the Antelope Park conservatory in Gweru threatening activities at the dam, an official has said.

The alien weed which is rapidly growing and almost suffocating the dam used for boat cruising is a result of sewer leaks from Mkoba, an official at Antelope Park Antelope Park operations manager, Irikidzai Ndandazi revealed.
“The weeds are threatening activities at the dam and I tell you that in the next two months, we won’t be able to use the dam for any activities.
“The weeds started three years ago when sewer started leaking into the dam and since then the weed has been growing very fast and choking the dam as you have seen,” said Ndandazi during a pre-tour ahead of this year’s Sanganai/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo to be held in Bulawayo from 27 September to 01 October.
Known as the Anker Yeast dam, the dam that greets tourists as they enter into the park is almost suffocated by the weeds with the Ndandazi noting that efforts to engage the local authority over the sewer leaks have not been fruitful.
“We have tried to engage Gweru City council over the continuous sewer leaks into our dam which has resulted in the massive growth of the weed but this has not been fruitful. We have also engaged EMA over the continued pollution of our dam with very little success and it is unfortunate that this has threatened activities at our dam. This dam was once used for cruising but as you have seen the weed has completely choked the dam and we will soon abandon activities due to that weed.
“We have used tractors to try and clear the weed with little success. Some of the weeds were washed away by the heavy rains we received this year but the weeds have been growing very fast since then,” he added.
The weeds pose a serious threat due to their growth and ability to spread rapidly and out-compete natural vegetation.
Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority said preparations for this year’s premier show are on course with most of the buyers already in the country.
Head of Corporate Affairs, Sugar Chagonda added that this year’s edition was bigger and better.
“Most of the buyers are already in the country and exhibitors are ready for the expo.”
Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa will officially open the expo which runs under the theme: ‘Africa’s Premier Business’.
The expo will preceed with World Tourism Day commemorations today (Wednesday), presenting a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the contributions of sustainable tourism to development.

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