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Wicknell marries Zulu wife

By Deputy Editor / Published on Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016 13:38 PM / No Comments / 5810 views

. . . blasted over Zim women jibe


OUTSPOKEN businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivayo is being blasted on social media after he sensationally announced that he has married a South African Zulu before blasting Zimbabwean ladies for being disrespectful, stubborn, too outgoing and dull.

In an instagram post that attracted 947 likes in 23 hours, and a Facebook post that had over 1000 coments, Wicknell said he settled on the South African village girl, ‘After a struggle’.

• Wicknell’s full post read; “

sir_wicknellWICKNELL THE ZULU…….After a struggle I’ve finally decided to marry this beautiful SOUTH AFRICAN zulu girl from the village. We had a good discussion and she asked why can’t you marry back home I said I think most of our ZIMBABWEAN girls are very disrespectful and stubborn. I said to her as a matter of principle NO WEALTHY man wants a girl that’s EVERYWHERE doing EVERYTHING with EVERYONE…besides the fact I’m mostly attracted to intelligence…I said to her don’t get me wrong the light skin and a perfectly crafted body will certainly get my attention but sooner or later I’ll get bored with it and I ALWAYS DO….. I need you to outsmart me….Make me feel like I can learn something from you and grow with you. I told her if you do that YOU CAN HAVE ME FOREVER”

One Facebook follower whose user name is Pam Kay had the response that seemed to touch Wicknell’s soft spot,

Pam Kay “You forgot to say and the Zimbabwean girls don’t want to marry you either.” She posted.

Her post had over 750 likes and over 260 replies like the following;

Melo Richards: I know right. Maybe you are referring to your mother and the women in your family No offence taken. We prefer Nigerians .I think you already know by now. Good luck to her. Your self centred and the intelligent conversations that you speak of are probably about yourself .You are a low self esteem piece of obese turkey looking motherf***ker .You are a potential hazard to any women you will have to sleep with. YOU NEED TO BE RISK ASSESSED .Your low self esteem means you constantly trying to degrade women whilst bigging up men .You must be gay then. This burger King fatty .STFU Burger King Barbie. WE GONNA CALL YOU THAT BCOZ U LIKE TO ACT LIKE A BITCH.A part of me feels sad for you .You seen like the type with no real friends and looks to social (networks) for attention

Lisa Goche: anodiwa nani nezidumbu irori anoitei chaizvo chaizvo nedumbu iro…hz a lazy person zvake u knw wat i mean Pam Kay hatimude isu we want healthy men uyu akafita kungostroka anyday

Anashe Mlambo: dont mind him anoda citizenship

Abraham Nyoni: This comment ironically became popular than the post.lols

Sakhile Lilly Nair: Ndiani angata zidumbu iro… Go and slim fat boooo

Martha Madzambo: Isu maZim we really nid a real man,not murume because yu are wearing a trouse.We dont even love yu too,Go to south africans ladys they are used to your body

Betina Mtasa: Ndiani anomuda Wikinero pwaa!! Zimbabwean ladies know how to hustle for their own money too. Panoti six pack ndipo panoti baba, hezvo! Iro dumbu iro?? Kuti zvagodii

Willard Mutyori: Hope all those ladies varikutukirira you really mean that because they say grapes are sour if you can’t reach them.

Anashe Mlambo: wicknell is not desirable Willard so use another example not grape

Betina Mtasa: Ivo vematumbu vanemari kutobangoda vakadzi vatsvuku!! We are the grapes that they can’t reach darling Willard Mutyori ndinoridii dumbu if i can pay my own bills nhaiwe? Hameno kuti ndanaani ivavo vanoda kudikitirirwa nemvuu.

Celiwe Jamima Masango: nhai vvaWIKINERO REALLLLLYYYY.seriously……..hahahaaa hanzi girls from zim are stubborn…shaa enda kugym uko, get rid of that body….isu tisu tingakudiii wakadaro ahhhh

Wicknell was emotional in his reaction to Pam Kay’s post,

Sir Wicknell “Pam Pam Kay if the truth be told if I texted you this minute on you GTIDE you’d collapse and send me all your nudes in seconds. Don’t take Facebook too serious , I’m always provoking idiots like you. Why not take a chill pill and Concentrate on your job reku geza ma toilets ku Gomo or Parirenyatwa kwauno senza.” – he shot.

His response got him even more ridicule from his followers.

Ronald Gore: Pam Kay you are a star my dear. Rume iri ranzwa hasha. Hanzi unogeza ma toilet Ku PGH. We actually like ladies who contribute to hygiene in society. Zvamuwana nhasi bhambi uyu. Nyangwe ukatsvaira mu road tokuda wakadaro….kkkkk

Juliet Nyampenza: Pam kay’s response was simple and straight forward and she never insulted anyone but look at the other side and the other person was so offended as to go out of way insulting one job and calling names.Zvebasa raPam zvine basa rei as long she z not selling her body for a living I respect her.Thanx Pam ndadzidza chimwe kwauri mhinduro nyoro inogutisa munhu zvegore rese.Lol

Tah Riro: I’m more worried about those “likes” on Wicknell’s response. Asi mukufunga kuti muchapihwa mari kani you #asslickers? as for you Sir whatever you call yourself, your response yatosimbisa Pam’s comment, that’s further evidence why Zim women don’t want to get married to you either, dai mangonyarara zvenyu. Your come back wasn’t a come back at all. Try again
Prince Dube Saka iyo one sentence ya Pam Kay ndoyakonzeresa madhisinyongoro kudai. Ende Pam Kay uri nharadada , nhunzvatunzva chaiyo. Wanyatsorova mvuu newaya apa
. . . there were hundreds of more comments on Pam Kay’s comment.

On Instagram, Wicknell had his fair share of supporting comments, one of which was from Pokello,
“queenofswaggerofficialpageonly u my brother. only u!” she posted. Other positive comments included
• tpackcurrensyNyc sir….✔✔✔
• bevrub@duchess_sash ndimi murikutaurhwa
• maideimarwell said
• oluremi_mLol must be nice.
• depetemeisterWell reiterated mr chivhayo
• shamiso_mushiningaYah that true
• royal_noelthis nigga talks sense
• lungsandi yes, Zulu girls are smart and respectful
• kudakachHehe ma lyrica apo sir
• priscabtMakorokoto @ muroora waamai.

However, most of the social media comments were blasting Wicknell centering on his implication that SA women are more intelligent than Zim women and the fact that the girl he chooses to call village girl has a tattoo,

Nothando Malinga said: shame,thinking you are bragging when actually everyone is laughinng at you,bhuthi madlisa,uyajiwa sana.for your own information,we zimbabwean ladies, are independent women who work hard and earn our own money so that we dont have to stoop so low and get involved with people like doesnt give you the right to downtrod people like that,grow up dude and stop behaving like a small boy

On instagram, mildredmimmie said: That’s just a very biased view clearly with no ground…did you date every Zim girl…??? Your view actually has us thinking IG you are intelligent as the women you seek…because its single minded…and unrealistic.. Which earth do you live in because my dear sir all the women are the same …Ghana …Lusaka …zimbabwe…not everything you dated compares to the rest of the Zimbabwean you unfortunately don’t know exist… The smart ones like me..the sexy…the cut above the rest needless I say…go and take a seat sir ..your intelligence has wavered and tipped into kariba dam…@the best with the Zulu chick.. Not only do you need luck you need witch craft …because uchati baba nemuridzo zvavarana…#…….as she holds her very well endowed Nigerian man and mutters a quick thankful prayer …

• kiriropaAna @eddiegovs wamurikuti asina ma brains ndevekupiko vaskana vamukuonana navo r u seriously sayin zulu girls r more inteligent than isu ma zimbo hede . Chete ane bag zvese zvaataura munongobvuma . Regai tiiende zvedu isu ana stubon nd disrespectful

Joyline Basira: Zimbabwean girls let’s celebrate Goliath is going he was going to kill our fellow sister ari pamusoro coz zidumbu iro hariite…I heard he can’t c his feet while hez standing kkkkkk

Joe Dereck Chawonga: Zimbabwean women are the rose of this world
Hardworking,beautiful,intelligent and know how to raise great Man to this world full of darkness such as you wicknell.

Have respect for your country,mothers and sisters.

Attention yacho manyanya. ..

Amanda Sidambe: Speaking as a Zim girl dude you ain’t all that or anything actually. Who would want to be led by a man who can’t control his own body letting it explode into huge masses of unattractive fat. Go ahead Zulu girl relish the rejects of our society. I’m do dissapointed in myself that I ever respected you and looked up to you as a role model in business Sir Wicknell. Your cela lack of respect to your sisters shows lack of wisdom.

Nesu Dee: What kind of man puts down his own country women like that ? Where is the Zim pride?

Real men speak life into their women, they build and appreciate them and they teach them when they miss it after all no one is perfect iwo maZulu ane ma issues also. This post made me very sad for you. You will always be Zimbabwean sha why not fly our flag high instead of exposing us to the world like this, hanging us to dry kutibvisa ganda kumeso like this mmmmh

Ndlunkulu Ayira Naphiri Naphiri: Congratulations Wicknell nekuroora, makorokoto. It wasn’t necessary hazvo to write zvimwe zvese zvawazonyora uchishora Zim women. Hanzi don’t praise another whilst belittling the other. God bless your marriage always.

Rosemary Zvandasara: mugodzokazve ne update sir, I’m sure you will be appritiating Zimbabwean women simply because they are open and honest manje Ava vano pretenda kuti adye Mari zvake tokupai 2 years at most modzoka pano motiudza henyu kkkkkk dai ndine Mari ndaiisa million pasi just 2 years at most but problems will start pa 7 months akuguta zvake Mari kkkkk okurongerai mablazo emujoza kuzokuvhiringidzai. Good luck my brother happy for and will be here to cry with you too

Mwana Wa Nellia: Ndakamirira bato re Zimbo women ndinoti aiwa endai zvenyu kuma Zulu. Isu kana shungu. Mari mapepa. Chinokosha zviri mubhurugwa. So good luck my Zulu sister. Remember ku Ann summers they sell good stuff. So I would advice u Zulu sis get urself one. Ndatenda.

Ellen Masauso: On behalf of all zim women we gladly n happily accept yo choice and we r so at peace with da men we hev got ..we r so happy fo u n wish u all da best ,long life ,gud health ,loyalty,happiness ,faithfulness,respect and mostly humility fo other pple…U got married ,be happy,bye….

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