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Wife bashed for sending nude pics

By Bornwise Mtonzi / Published on Monday, 09 Jan 2017 16:15 PM / No Comments / 1487 views

9 January 2017


A Haig Park man who gave his wife a thorough hiding for sending her nude pictures to her ex-boyfriend recently escaped jail by a whisker when Harare Magistrate Tilda Mazhande suspended the whole sentence.

Prince Ndova, 24, was sentenced to three months in jail but walked out a happy man when the magistrate put aside the whole sentence saying that it was the wife who provoked him to do so.

Ndova was standing accused of physically abusing his wife Matilda Zaburoni

Although the magistrate put aside the sentence, he however warned Ndova and told him to solve his domestic issues amicably than resort to violence.

Magistrate Mazhande also told Matilda that what she did was not expected from a married woman hence she was the one who provoked her husband to act in that manner.

Ndova was sentenced to three months in prison which was wholly suspended for the next five years on condition of good behaviour.

Circumstances leading to the conviction are that on October 12 2016 at around 2am, Ndova asked his wife why she had sent her nude picture to her ex-boyfriend.

The court heard that Matilda agreed to have done so and this did not go well with Ndova who then started to beat her.

Matilda managed to free herself from the assault and ran to the police where she lodged a complaint leading to the arrest of Ndova.

However, Matilda did not sustain any injuries and did not go to hospital for medical examination.

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