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Wife caught having sex with another man

By Lisa Mafohla / Published on Friday, 27 Oct 2017 16:08 PM / No Comments / 12174 views


27 October 2017

Miriam Chizama

A CITY woman was caught red handed by her husband having sexual intercourse in their matrimonial house with another man.

Miriam Chizama appeared at the Harare Civil Court seeking for a protection order against Ivine Kabiya.

Kabiya said:

Ivine Kabiya

“I caught her red handed with another man in our matrimonial home having sexual intercourse.

“We no longer stay together and I divorced her after the incident which happened on the 14th of August.

“My first wife died and she chased my two kids saying that she was not comfortable to live with kids from another wife.”

Kabiya added on saying I do not want her to visit my work place because she is disturbing my peace there.

“I am not getting along with my relatives because she harasses and insults them.

“She applied for maintenance for our kid so that I will not marry another wife because I will be left with no money.”

In response Chizama said:

“Your Worship I am applying for a protection order because this man harasses and assaults me.

“I used to be a vendor and he stopped me from going to the market because he was saying I was cheating him, up until I was caught red handed with another man.

“My father said he should come with a cow or money equivalent to a cow as a sign of divorce.

“He did not do that so we are not divorced. He is still my husband.”

Chizama added on saying she does not want him to disturb her peace and he should be stopped “from insulting me telling the whole community kuti ndiri hure.”

Magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the protection order in favour of Chizama.



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