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Winky D the face of Zimdancehall

By Blessing Masakadza / Published on Monday, 15 Jan 2018 15:20 PM / No Comments / 5585 views

15 January 2018

Winky D

WINKY D is one artiste who prefers to keep his cards close to his chest and details of his forthcoming album Gombwe are once again closely guarded.

The album is set to be unveiled on February 2 at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) coupled with his birthday celebrations.

As of who featured on the project or who produced, it all remains a secret and according to his camp all this will be a surprise.

On the previous album Gafa Futi, there were reports of a fallout with his producer Oskid.

Winky D’s manager Elder Jonathan Banda addressed some of these issues.

“Production is a process and a lot of people are involved. It is difficult to pinpoint one person and we will leave it to surprise.

“This album carries more than surprises and surprises are always good. This is something that people can look forward to. In each and every project, we contain a certain dynamism and this is no exception and we will leave it to the people who will listen to the music,” he said.

Some people expect the chanter to present his family during the launch and birthday celebrations.

“Winky D is not one man. Winky D is made up of different entities and there is a difference between Winky D and Wallace. In terms of who will be in attendance, all is subject to commitments. Whoever will not be committed elsewhere will surely be there. We however cannot talk of children. This is an evening event and will not be suitable for children,” he said.

There are already several theories on his choice of title Gombwe and one undeniable theory is that he is the face of Zimdancehall.

He is often referred to as king of Zimdancehall and his camp feels he deserves the honour.

“People usually come up with different interpretations. Winky D goes beyond and beneath Zimdancehall. He was there before, during the days of urban grooves and the transition into a movement. He is among the pioneers and became the voice of the people.

“While others were singing about urban lifestyles, he remained the voice of the marginalized. Gombwe is an intermediary, the voice of the people. And recently popularised, the voice of people is the voice of Jah.

“It is no doubt that Winky D has provided a narrative around Zimdancehall and became a yardstick of the genre,” he said.

Winky D has on several occasions been compared and rivalled to Jah Prayzah with his songs being interpreted to mean war.

One such song is the recently released Dzemudanga which others felt was a message to Jah Prayzah not to meddle into politics.

Banda said music is an art which is subject to different interpretations.

“As a camp we have never sat to discuss that we should respond to this artist’s work in this or that way. We believe music is an art which is subject to different interpretations. We produce music for the people and we cannot barricade their thinking, “he said.

Speaking on videos, Banda said visuals have become an important element of music.

Last year Winky D had two videos in the Coca Cola top 50 countdown and came out first and second with Rugare featuring Buffalo Souljah and My Woman featuring Beenie Mann.

“We are a listening camp, we respond to calls by our followers. We would come up with hits and now they call for visuals. We had two videos last year and the response was overwhelming. We came out top and we will be collecting the first and second prizes. So videos will be coming” he said.

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