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Witchcraft at garage

By Adoration Bizure / Published on Thursday, 24 Aug 2017 16:03 PM / No Comments / 5432 views

24 August 2017


IN a case of suspected witchcraft, Workers at Tin-Tin Garage along Simon Mazorodze Road had a shocking experience when they found a clay pot, reed, black cloth and rabbit soaked in blood at the garage.

The objects were said to have been left on the garage by one client who had a misunderstanding with one of the workers at the garage called Tinashe Chipondiwa over a car deal.


When contacted for comment the client said she was not willing to talk about the matter.

“I don’t want to talk about that issue,” she said before hanging up the phone.

Tinashe said the client was targeting him because he took back his car after she failed to honour their agreement.

“Before all this had happened, this woman has always been threatening to bewitch me and after our security guard at the garage informed me that he saw her leaving the objects I wasn’t shocked.

“I had agreed with her that we were going to swap cars and she would top up money but we exchanged cars before she had topped up the money.

“She is now refusing to top up the money and I have already repaired her car so she is not happy because I want my money from her.

“I called her asking her why she had come with those objects at my workplace and she said she was using juju on me and she was going to continue harming me,” he said.

Tinashe said he threw the objects along Mukuvisi River because he is not afraid of her.

“Most of my workmates were afraid of the objects and it was my responsibility to make sure I remove them at the garage since I was the target.

“I am not afraid of the things that is why I had the courage of taking them and throwing them into Mukuvisi River, I know nothing will happen to me.

“I am a Christian, I have never used juju in my life and I have done nothing wrong to her so I know I won’t be affected by what she is doing,” he said.

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