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By Snodia Mikiri / Published on Friday, 02 Feb 2018 14:26 PM / No Comments / 1365 views

2 February 2018

Qadr Amini

NGEZI Platinum left back Qadr Amini has faced many set-backs but still manages to keep his head high.

His performance in 2017 ensured that he was part of the best 11 stars in the Premiership while he was also voted best player for the club at the end of the season.

For that, Amini, 28, was almost lured by rivals FC Platinum but Ngezi stood their ground and retained the player for the new season.

In an interview with H-Metro, Amini pledged his allegiance, revealed what makes him strong and promised to set another level in the coming season.

Qadr Amini

“Last season was my greatest year ever and I am looking forward to an even greater season. The best is yet to come.

“I am very positive that the upcoming season will be better than the previous season,” Amini says.

“I want to do more like I did last season and see myself out of Zimbabwe. I have five trophies and many medals.

“Last season I managed to score nine goals and I assisted four more goals.

“This season I am planning on working hard because I want positive results also at the end of the season, being outstanding and being appreciated feels great.”

As he looks back, he quickly states that his late father was instrumental in his journey to stardom.

“I am grateful for the time I had with my father, I learned a lot of lessons from him he is the man behind my successful football career.

“My dad passed away in 2012 when I was playing for Gunners.”

He hit a snag after the departure of his father.

“My mother did not want me to play football, and the hardest role I ever played was convincing my mother to see the other side of me as a footballer. My mother is now happy and proud of me,” says the Ngezi player.

He is married to Kudzanai Mangachena.

“With Kudzie we have been together for the past seven years and our first born is a girl aged six while the other one is a boy aged three.

Amini and wife, Kudzanai Mangachena

“I am madly in love with her she understands me very well,” he says.

The former Dynamos and How Mine star is particular about what he eats.

“I drink juice only and I don’t smoke also because I am a Muslim, I grew up in that religion and now I belong there.

“I also don’t go for clubbing, I am sober all the way, and I plan on keeping it that way.”

Amini says he tries as much as he can not to show off.

“I am just a simple guy who hates showing off; I want to hide my profile if I can.

“When I am off the pitch I will be home or I will be out with my brother Ibrahim, or I will be travelling appreciating nature or I will be at church.

“If I am not doing anything I mentioned above, I will be chilling at home listening to good music. I am a reggae fan and my favourite musician is Roman Virgo and Jah Cure,” he says.

At 1,68m, Amini is not the tallest of players and playing in defence meant he had to be extraordinary.

He grew up in Mbare National, attended Chitsere Primary school and was later offered a scholarship for his Secondary education.

“My talent is an inborn thing. I was noticed from a very tender age and I was offered a scholarship when

I was in grade seven to study at Mount Pleasant high school.

“Prince Edward took me when I was in form two second term and that was how my career started.

“I played for so many teams from under 17 up to now. It has been an amazing and interesting journey for me and I am very grateful for that,” he says.

Much will be expected from the left back in 2018.

Qadr Amini (R) in action

“This season I am going to make sure that I satisfy my fans to reach the climax, and it will be hard work all the way,” he says.

He has had his best and worst moments in his decade playing at a high level.

“My worst moment was against Monoz when I scored an own goal, I couldn’t believe it, it was embarrassing.

“When it comes to my best moments, there are many but my finest was when I scored against Motor Action in the last seconds of the game.

“I am also looking forward to make more new memories this season, good ones mostly,” Amini says.

The star has certain principles he believes could take him far.

“For now I am okay where I am, but if I find a better team outside Zimbabwe I will then leave Ngezi.

“Like honestly, I do have my own style of living mostly, and I am somebody who likes to keep my friendship circles small.

“My childhood friend is Walter Mkanga and we are still friends up to now, I have no other close buddies except my wife,” he says.

Amini enjoys a good relationship with coach Tonderai Ndiraya who he worked with from an early age.

The ambitious Premiership team is camped in Harare as they prepare for what could be an explosive 2018 season.

“We are already camping in Belvedere preparing for the upcoming season.

“I am already putting hard work as we start the preparations for what should be a successful season,” he says.

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