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Woman builds house, evicted

By Tatenda Chipungudzanye / Published on Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 15:53 PM / No Comments / 4233 views

10 July 2018


…Barred from Borrowdale property

…desperate to recover bricks, tomatoes


A BORROWDALE widow has been forced to relocate to Domboshava after losing a house wrangle.

So dire is the situation that Cecilia Kashumba is appealing to powers that be to intervene so that she demolishes her former house and recover bricks and other material.

Security guards have been deployed to stop her from collecting material to the new rural set up.

Kashumba has been in a legal wrangle with Mavis Shorai Nzara for the past 25 years over a residential stand which she was charged $1.2million in 1999 and, she argues, paid in full.

She paid $550 000 deposit and monthly installments thereafter.

In the process of paying, complications developed which saw her in and out of courts for the past years. Now she says all hope has been lost because she is a widow and is now bankrupt to fund legal challenges.

Her only hope left is for the country’s leadership to hear her case.

Puwayi Chiutsi is representing Mavis Nzara in the case and has dismissed Kashumba’s arguments.

Chiutsi says Kashumba fraudulently acquired the property.

“There is no story here. She was evicted and had prejudiced the owner for 18 years. So she cannot take anything,” Chiutsi said.

Chiutsi said even if his client wrote that Kashumba had to remove her property there was no way that could be allowed to cover legal and other costs.

An estate agent is reportedly taking potential buyers and tenants to the property for viewing several.

“I have written to the President to hear my case and when I went there he was not there and that is when I learnt that I had to book an appointment.

“I am still waiting for the appointment to be approved.

“If I get an opportunity I would want the First Lady to hear my case. This is all happening because I am a woman and also that I am bankrupt widow,” said Kashumba in tears.

Explaining her long struggle, Kashumba said she was paying for the residential stand when she was working in Eastern Europe.

She revealed the agreement of sale was cancelled after one late payment but she then went on to pay up for the residential stand and built a house.

“I am tired of court case. All I want now is to demolish my house and take the materials to my new residential stand in Domboshava because I no longer have money to fight for what is rightfully mine.

“I pulled down the security wall after Mavis Nzara’s lawyer wrote that I could remove improvements. Has this learned lawyer already forgotten what he submitted before the courts that they are now denying me access to collect my tomatoes and bricks? I was ready to put a drive way.

“My tears will never dry because I am now poor because of building a house where someone would just order me to leave and accommodate her tenants.

“Mwari ngavandinzwewo ipapo nekuti pane varikuda kudamburirana nzvimbo yemurombo nekureba,” said Kashumba.

She added:

“Imagine I am being denied access to harvest my tomatoes that I sweated for.

“I now need my bricks and improvements at my house so that I can move to another house that I am building.

“Why am I being troubled? I was locked in at Borrowdale police station for removing my bricks from my house that was deemed an illegal structure.

“The messenger of court was co-operative and just decided to notify the police that I was destroying my house while taking bricks. The police now understand my situation but Mavis Nzara put security personnel to deny me access to my improvements at the house,” she lamented.

Kashumba had subdivided the property and sold a piece to one Kambarami, who went on to build three double story flats which he was letting.

Kambarami has ordered his workers to remove all the improvements he made on the garden flats. Last week they were busy removing all the improvements such as fitted kitchens and many other things on the property.

Johanna from an estate agent could not shed much light on her company’s involvement on the property where they are believed to have valued Kashumba’s house at $1 700 in rentals per month while Kambarami’s flats were put at $2 500 per month each.

“We are still to decide. But who gave you my number? Don’t call me,” she said before hanging the phone.

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