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Woman to contest DNA test for 3rd time

By Zvikomborero Parafini / Published on Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 19:26 PM / No Comments / 6848 views

20 June 2018

. . . convinced son is ex’s

A Chishawasha woman has vowed to contest DNA tests for the third time after the results proved on two occasions that her ex-husband was not the father to her son.

Eunice Hunda said her relationship with Victor Mariga began in 2009 and she realised that she was pregnant while she was in army training resulting in her being discharged before completing the course.

Upon realizing that she was pregnant, they co-habited for two years but problems started arising with her mother in law which ended their marriage.

DNA issuing organisations have however stood by their results while she continues to dispute them wanting a third test.

Mariga is said to have started paying maintenance for the next five years and when it was time for the child to start school, Hunda applied for an upward variation of the money but after signing the forms, he absconded court and applied for the recession of judgment as well as paternity tests.

After the court order was issued, the couple proceeded to National Blood Service together with their child and blood samples were taken and the results were released after a week and they proved that Mariga was not the father of the child hence the court passed an order cancelling maintenance.

Aggrieved Hunda applied contesting the results and another order was granted for September29 last year and the ex-husband absconded but the tests were later conducted on April 12 this year at Global DNA and the results proved for the second time that he was no the father of the child.

Hunda is now planning to go to South Africa and later to the UK to contest the paternity test results because she believed they were tempered with and she is certain that he is the father.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mariga said he requested for DNA tests because he was not certain of the paternity of the child.

“I requested for DNA tests after five years of paying maintenance because ndaisanzwisisa mafambiro emudzimai wangu,”

When he was asked on whether he tempered with the results and his views concerning going for tests for the third time he said:

“I can go for paternity tests everyday as long as she is paying, I paid for the first time and the results satisfied me, they verified the doubts I had, I was satisfied with the second results because it was a place of her choice and the results were the same.”

In another interview with H-Metro, the director of Global DNA Tendai Mugabe dismissed the claims that the results were tempered with as they proved that Mariga is not the father.

“The results were not tempered with because they were exactly the same and independent of each other, there is no possibility that they were wrong and to top that, we have state of the art equipment that is world class so we advise her to go anywhere in the world to contest our results” said Mugabe.

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