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ZDF Handover takeover ceremony

By Nyasha Chawatama / Published on Monday, 29 Jan 2018 15:41 PM / No Comments / 2897 views

29 January 2018

Lt-Col Enerst Dube

OUTGOING Commanding Officer for 1 Mechanised Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Dube has been described as a living hero.

Ltl-Col Dube surrendered the 1 Mechanised Battalion officers and defence weapons to the incoming Commanding Officer (CO) Ltl-Col Colleen Mafika in the presence of Commander Mechanised Brigade Brigadier General Steven Gwekwerere at a handover take over ceremony held last week.

Lt-Col Colleen Mafika

“This moment is like the day when the court allows the legal parting of spouses. In other words am saying it is very painful.

“Leaving the soldiers I have known for 10 years and the post I have had for four years is not easy but I do hereby leave you today with shoulders high.

“I have always trained my officers that discipline is the cornerstone of the military and one should desist bad mentorship.

“Military is a journey which I have always talked of saying it needs discipline to make it. If one can look back to where we started from, a lot of our friends are no longer among us today because they failed to implement discipline in their lives.

“I did my best and managed to meet the CO requirements where I was expected to groom new officers and prepare them to understand the difference between peace and war.

“I am and shall remain ready to help the incoming CO whenever my attention would be required. Farewell!”

The incoming CO Ltl-Col Colleen in his acceptance speech highlighted that he had nothing to add to the 1 Mechanised Battalion saying Ltl-Col Dube left a legacy to manage.

“I feel very honoured to have been appointed to command one of the hard hitting forces in the Zimbabwe National Army.

“I would like to acknowledge the hard work that was done by my processor to mould this fighting force into a homogenous force capable of undertaking operations in any challenging environment.

“1 Mechanised Battalion has illustrious history date backing from its successes in Mozambique campaign, Somalia, DRC and the recent Operation Restore Legacy.

“I do not endeavour to distort this history but I will rather add new chapter to the already existing works.

“I will ride on the successes accomplished in order to set a new record of great achievement. I am not here to change the wheel but to adjust the nuts and improve the tread of the tyre,” he said.

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