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Zhetstar speaks on Tererai sex-tape

By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Monday, 26 Feb 2018 15:54 PM / No Comments / 8599 views

26 February 2018

RAPPER, Zhetstar who featured in a sex tape with fellow musician Tererai Mugwadi, claims they were under influence of alcohol/drugs.

Zhetstar featured in a live Facebook interview with fellow rapper, Mzimba.

However, his explanation seemed to suggest they were fully aware of what they were doing.

“We were a bit high, we didn’t take zviri dangerous but zvinongo dhaka zvingori bho.

“We wanted to see kuti if we are drunk tinosvika level ripi.

“Takangoti ngatiite zvemu bedroom tabva taita zvemu bedroom.

“I don’t know how it leaked but both our phones do not have passwords so anyone could have got advantage of that.

“Some people think this was a publicity stunt but it’s not, I am actually going through a lot of shaming right now because of the tape.

“We are still looking into who could have leaked it,” said Zhetstar.

He added that he was no longer married and he was not cheating when he bedded Tererai.

“I am no longer with my wife and as far as I know Terry is also single.

“Tererai anonakirwa neni ini ndinonakirwa naye saka tino nakirana. But right now we are not really seeing eye to eye because of the tape leaked but above tinokumbirawao ruregerero.”

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