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Zim Gardens Sued

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Monday, 25 Sep 2017 17:50 PM / No Comments / 1191 views

25 September 2017

A TAFARA man sued the Zim Gardens manager for defaulting to pay him $150 for the service he rendered.

Monday Muhara appeared in court accusing the Zim Gardens manager, Lucia Zinyemba of being deceitful and would do anything to evade paying him.

Muhara said:

“Your Worship, I worked tirelessly for this lady and I painted almost all her company premises but she is a duper.

“We had agreed on US$550 for painting her company premises but to my surprise i only received US$350.

“She made changes to her copy of receipts replacing them with little money that we did not agree on.

“After she had deposited the US $350 into my account, I called her secretary to ask why she did not deposit all my money.

“Her secretary told me that she was the one doing all the changes on the invoices.

“She also said that she would rather pay US$1000 to a lawyer than giving me my US$150.

“I respected this lady and I never thought she could do this to me,” said Muhara.

In response Zinyemba denied all the allegations, she went on to say:

“He is lying; they were no stipulated rates intact I was not interested in hiring him he is the one who cane begging for work at my doorstep.

“Monday is a very greedy man.

“His behaviour is disgusting and he is just chauvinist.

“I do not owe him anything; I paid him all his money in full.

“He is violent and he chased me from my yard throwing stones at me.

“I even told him when we were standing outside that instead of him wasting time suing me he could have done the job that I had assigned to other people.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu dismissed the claim.

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