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Zim man gunned down in Jozi robbery

By Blessed Katiyo / Published on Friday, 19 Jan 2018 21:11 PM / No Comments / 10582 views

19 January 2018

THE DECEASED Shepherd Gwangwava

CROSS-border bus employees operating at the Powerhouse Bus Rank in central Johannesburg are in mourning following the tragic killing of 29-year-old MVI Coaches conductor, Shepherd Gwangwava late Wednesday afternoon.

The married father of two was shot at close range at the back of the head as armed thugs were fleeing the scene of an armed robbery.

The group of criminals, numbering about eight, started firing shots randomly to deter a mob that wanted to effect a citizen’s arrest.

Gwangwava was, however, shot by one of the robbers who were still behind and he died instantly.

According to eyewitnesses the robbers spent the greater part of the day surveying movements of both police, shopowners and passengers.

Around 6pm they then split into groups of three and robbed three Pakistani shop owners who are on the same street as the bus rank.

They fled with plastic bags full of cash.

Customers who were in the shops at the time of the robbery were not spared and were robbed of their cellphones and cash.

One of the robbed shops

One of the customers then screamed for help and a mob from the bus rank started chasing the robbers who retaliated by firing with live ammunition.

One victim was shot above the left shoulder and the bullet exited.

Gwangwava who had run to see what was taking place was then shot at close range by a robber who was following behind him.

One bullet was fired and perforated the glass window of the bus rank’s waiting area.

H Metro has security footage of the incident and shows Gwangwava collapsing and dying at the scene.

The mood at the bus rank was sombre yesterday at lunchtime as colleagues of the deceased where yet to come to terms with what transpired.

“Shepherd was a hard-working guy and always a happy fellow.

It is a very huge loss to the company. We are still in shock and still wondering why such a thing would happen,” said Jestiel “Chebundo” Nyengera who is a manager at MVI Coaches where the deceased worked.

Jestiel ‘Chebundo’ Nyengera

“We have already informed his parents and wife. It will not be easy to get over this incident,” added Nyengera.

The deceased would travel between Harare and Johannesburg but his rural home is in Masvingo where the avid Manchester United supporter is most likely to be buried.

Taurai Manyika who witnessed the incident says he is lucky to be alive after he was missed by a bullet which hit the office.

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE . . . Taurai Manyika

“It was like a war zone, those robbers have no respect for life and we hope the police will do their job and catch the criminals. There are so many videos from CCTV cameras and we should be able to identify the criminals,” said Manyika.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports indicate that the same group of fleeing robbers shot and killed a police constable Solomon King Shikwane just 200 metres from the first incident.

He reportedly died in hospital yesterday morning.

THE deceased cop
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