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ZNA issues camouflage warning

By Fungai Jachi / Published on Thursday, 29 Dec 2016 15:03 PM / No Comments / 1316 views

29 December 2016


THE Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has warned all traders and members of the public that they will be liable to prosecution if found selling or wearing the camouflage without authority.

Offenders will be arrested by The Zimbabwe Republic Police and will appear before courts of law for prosecution.

In a press statement, Director Army Public Relations Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore said the ZNA was concerned over the misuse of the camouflage by members of the public.

“The ZNA has noted with grave concern that there is increased proliferation in the selling and wearing of military regalia, especially camouflage replicas by members of the public.

“Resultantly, there has also been an increase in the number of armed robberies by criminals wearing clothes resembling military uniforms or replicas of camouflage.

“There are also cases of individuals who are bent on tarnishing the image of the ZNA. The ZNA will guard against the misuse and abuse of its uniforms or any apparel resembling such,” said Lt Col Makotore.

The ZNA defined the army uniform as any article or articles of wearing apparel which includes a badge, button, braid or insignia worn in association with any particular item or items of clothing and a tie.

Artists, who perform while dressed in the army uniform without authorisation, have also been warned.

“Regarding artists who perform while putting on army uniform, be advised that the wearing of any army uniform or decorations for the purposes of any bona fide stage, film or television production or military representation is an offence in terms of section 99(2) (c) of the Defence Act (Chapter 11:02).

“The artists should have sought authority from the army headquarters to do so,” said Lt Col Makotore.


He went on to say that the above mentioned section also prohibits any member of the public from putting on any military regalia.

“The section provides that any person who without authority wears or uses any decoration supplied to or authorised for use by any member of the Defence Forces or other military forces or any decoration so nearly resembling such decoration to likely deceive shall be guilty of an offence.

“Further to this, section 99 (4) states that, in any prosecution for any offence in terms of this section relating to any act done without due or lawful authority, it shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved that accused had no such authority,” he said.

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